Benefits of a Professional Resume and Cover Letter

The importance of having an excellent Resume and Cover Letter cannot be overstated. In most cases these documents are the ONLY tools at your disposal to get the employer’s attention and an opportunity to meet for an interview. The old adage “You only have one chance to make a first impression” was never truer than in today’s Labour Market. Jobs are scarce and employers expect job applicants to clearly demonstrate what they can contribute to the employer’s bottom line. If your Resume and Cover Letter do not clearly demonstrate what you can contribute, the employers move on to the next applicant very quickly.

Here are some reasons to consider having Jane Lambert make a professional Resume and Cover Letter for you:

  • Many companies use scanning software to screen resumes. I understand how to create a resume that will “pass” the scanner test.
  • The price for resumes on the internet varies from very low to astronomical. My prices are very competitive and I offer free edits to ensure that the documents suit your needs. I won’t take your money unless I am sure I can help.
  • Most on line resume services are impersonal. You never get to meet a real person. I will meet with you in person to ascertain your needs and offer suggestions of how I can help.
  • Most people have a great deal of difficulty writing their own resume and cover letter. They’re not sure how to market themselves in a positive way. I will help you determine what skills, knowledge and experience that you have to offer to a prospective employer and present them in a very positive way.

Here are some comments from a few happy customers:

“Hello Jane. Just wanted to let you know that I got an interview with the school board for the Designated ECE’s. I want to thank you again for helping with my cover letter and resume. Now I just have to see if I get one of the positions.
Sincerely, Melody D.”

“Hi Jane Lambert, I just wanted to let you know that your resume worked great. I ended up getting the job and will be starting in a couple of weeks. Thanks very much for your help.” Luke C.

“Hi Jane, I don’t know if you heard through LinkedIn but I got the job! I am their new safety Coordinator at the new, large project. I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and let’s keep in touch.” Jamie G.